Download Fortnite for Linux: Latest Updates, Limitations & More

In case you prefer Linux over other operating systems and love to play Fortnite, then surely we have plenty of things to discuss. You might be aware of the fact that Fortnite is accessible on a majority of prevalent OS and platforms but hasn’t been released for the Linux-based machines. It appears that the Epic Games’ developers do not contemplate Linux as a major portion of the gaming community. Moreover, this appears to be quite evident since Fortnite for Linux isn’t up in the news or any other update both online and offline.

What is Fortnite: Battle Royale?

The Fornite: Battle Royale is a popular game that tends to position 100 players or competitors on the island. Further, it allows the players to fight off by aiming and shooting one another until there’s the last man standing, which is particularly the main definition of a battle royale. Move-in a hundred weaponless players in an area; allow them to prepare themselves for defense or eliminate anybody that becomes a hindrance.

The game makes use of the Unreal Engine 4, which turns the game arduous by means of the required hardware specs. This signifies that the lower-end devices might not be capable of running the game appropriately or absolutely not. In case you desire to take full toll of Fortnite Battle Royale, you would surely require a dedicated gaming setup along with the essential gaming accessories.

Fortnite can be downloaded and installed on a majority of mainstream OS so you would be capable of playing the game. That is to say, certainly, only probable if you try running Fortnite for Mac, Fortnite for Windows, Fortnite for PlayStation 4, or Fortnite for Nintendo Switch.

Unluckily, there isn’t any official update or link provided to download and install Fortnite for Linux, which is dejected news won’t be able to fix, except the developers of Epic Games speedily agree to harbor Fortnite for Linux machines, then it might be possible to get Fortnite for Linux. Till then, we might either access the Fortnite for iPhone/iPad or Fortnite for Android.

Fortnite for Linux – Limitations

Since there are plenty of people asking for it, Fortnite for Linux would surely come into existence. Certainly, there exists the Wine app that has the capability to run the Windows games. However, it might not be able to run the Fortnite Battle Royale in the same way it requires being played. Further, it securely is a fact that Epic Games has made it tough for the Linux users to get the game installed in an effortless manner.

Whilst the installation only is quite difficult to perform, the real gameplay makes it sense as Fortnite has turned into a joke for someone playing it on Linux-based OS. There are visible falters from time to time plus there are also plenty of lags and bugs. Moreover, there are a few reports that the game is crashing and there is in-game exit as well. This is the reason why a few users have also taken it to the plea that the Epic Games must bring in Fortnite for Linux as soon as possible or turns Fortnite on Wine effective for gameplay.

Up till now, we may solely wait and watch from a distance. Feel jealous of the players that utilize the supported platforms and consoles to play Fortnite. In case solely there are existing battle royale games accessible for Linux as yet, it might not be so bad in the end.


The Fortnite for Linux might not be a prospect in a little while. With that been discussed, we would prefer calling out the developers at Epic Games as well as the company to please notice our demands. There are plenty of people that are still making use of the Linux-driven distributions. We might be really less in number when compared to the Mac OS and Windows users, but the Linux purists are still millions in the count, to start with, which surely mean something.

In this article, do you think any of the battle royale games that might function on Linux? How would they run and will it be sufficient to serve our requirement to relish a clad battle royale mode? You may tell us your views and comments in the section given below so that we would be able to distinguish what actually you people think about the issue.

In case you have any queries, feel free to leave your thoughts and queries in the comments section. Moreover, feel certain that we are going to read them all and respond in a positive manner in quick succession.